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Added 10th September 2014
NXT Takeover: Rival Predictions
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With tonight being NXT Takeover: Rival, we got together with other NXT fansite owners to give you full predictions of every match on the card. We’ve tried to be as honest as possible with our views,

Charlotte vs Bayley vs Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch (NXT Women’s Championship Match)

Shirlz: Quite honestly, this could go any way. I want to say Charlotte will retain, but there’s only a 25% chance of that happening, and I think this would be a fitting way for Charlotte’s reign to come to a close. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Becky Lynch will shock the NXT Universe and become the new NXT Women’s Champion, but I am hoping Charlotte pulls something out of the bag and retains the title. I just have a feeling that won’t be happening. Winner- Becky Lynch

Bre- BayleyFansite.Com: OH THE SLAYAGE! Ok so first NXT divas are amazing, and the WWE Divas are amazing. The difference in how they’re all represented kills my heart but we won’t get into WWE’s sexist ways. This divas fatal four way is going to make history. Each girl brings something completely different to the table. I’m excited for this match because it gives you a chance to see how amazing these women are. I’m not 100% sure how this is going to play out, all I can say is Charlotte won’t walk out as champ. I’m going to say Bayley since she has been rejuvinated with a new serious attitude. Winner- Bayley

Darrius- Sasha-Banks.Com: Originally, there was some doubt between my decision but I’m going with my gut. In this Fatal 4 Way, I honestly believe anyone could win. However, I think the popular decision is spilt between 2 winners; Sasha Banks and Bayley. Sasha and Bayley have had issues rooting back to her BFFs days with just Summer. Bayley was often targeted by the BFFs. Now that the BFFs have broken up, Sasha and Bayley have continued to be thorns in each others side. While yes, Bayley does deserve to win the title, I think she will, what better way than having Sasha steal the win from her last minute. Winner-­ ​Sasha Banks

Conor- Kevin-Owens.Com: Is it time for Charlotte to lose the title? Yes it is, she’s had a great run but she’s ready for the main stage, which I think she’ll get the call up after wrestlemania and insert herself into the title picture. If you follow me on my personal Twitter you’ll know I don’t like Becky Lynch, her wrestling or character, so next. Bayley, next. Sasha Banks won me over at the last NXT special and I’m a fan oh hers now, she’s ready for the title. Winner- Sasha Banks

Ada- SamiZaynSource.Com: I 100% don’t see Charlotte walking out the woman’s champion tonight. She’s going up against three of the top divas in NXT and while she maybe “genetically superior” she doesn’t even have to be pinned to lose. Then that leaves who is going to walk out champion? This is probably going to be the hardest pick for me but…Bayley. As much as I love Sasha and want her to win, I think Bayley will overcome it all and win tonight. Bayley is the female Sami Zayn. She’s the fan favorite. After being knocked down, and being told that she can’t be champion, she’s gonna finally prove everyone wrong. She’s coming back from an injury and what bigger way to get any redemption is proving your doubters wrong by winning the title. Becky, is just a filler for this match, in my opinion. While Sasha is smart and crafty, as we saw at [R]Evolution, she’s not focused on the championship after what happened between her and former tag partner, Becky. I think it’s all Bayley tonight. Winner- Bayley

Summary: Charlotte- 0 | Sasha Banks- 2 | Becky Lynch- 1 | Bayley- 2

Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens (NXT Championship Match)

Shirlz: This match is intense beyond belief, and I really want this feud to continue on. This is why I’m going to say that this match will end in a no contest. It’ll hopefully spill across the entire Full Sail campus and get so out of control, the match has to be stopped. Winner- No Contest

Bre: My heart is not ready to beat another beat. Its been 2 months since NXT Takeover R[Evolution], 2 months since Sami Zayn won the NXT Championship, 2 Months since Kevin Owens Debuted, 2 MONTHS Since Sami was stretchered out of the building. This match is going to have blood, sweat, and tears. These two men are going to go out and beat the hell out of each other. Who walks out and who’s champion are two different things. Gonna make this short because I could go on and ramble but Sami wins but he doesn’t walk out. Kevin isn’t finished with him, not by a long shot. Winner- Sami Zayn

Darrius: Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens’ feud has been great from the start. Kevin debuted at the last Takeover and his career has skyrocketed at the expense of his former best friend. I honestly don’t think a loss would hurt Owens at this point, influencing my choice. Winner- Sami Zayn

Conor: You all probably think I want Kevin Owens to win, well I don’t. Down the line it would be nice for him to win. Do I think he will win? Yes. I love the history in this match, I love how they’re touching on the past before NXT, it brings a whole other element to it. Winner: Kevin Owens

Ada: Oh boy, have I had my worries over this match and when I say worries, I mean shaking and legit thinking about all the possibilities that could happen. I thought about it and it’s more clear than ever, Sami is going to retain. How? I don’t know, but I do know that WWE sent Sami over to Abu Dhabi as champion to talk about being champion and representing WWE and to promote the upcoming tour so why would they have him return not as champion a week later? Also, Sami is the most resilient wrestler, he never gives up until he has too. He’s fought so hard for that championship, he’s not going to let it go anytime soon. Also, Sami takes what Kevin did personally and is totally pissed off and he’s not going to hold back. I’m so excited for this match. All you have to do is believe in Zayn! Winner- Sami Zayn

Summary: Sami Zayn- 3 | Kevin Owens- 1 | No Contest- 1

Adrian Neville vs Finn Balor (Number 1 Contender’s Match

Shirlz: This match has been built up beautifully, and as a Brit, I am extremely excited to see this dream match. As much as I love Adrian, I feel like he’s ready to show everyone on the main roster how amazing he is (MINUS A MIGHTY MOUSE SUIT), so I’m going to say that this will be a passing of the torch to Finn. Winner- Finn Balor

Bre: MY BODY IS READY!! This match is going to kill me before the Main Event. Both men are tremendous athletes and they can do things that I’ve never seen before. Putting those two together in one ring is magic itself and they have something bigger for fight for; #1 Contendership for the NXT Championship. Adrian has been champ and he lost it, it’s his fight to regain what he believes is his. FINN on the other hand is a man looking to cement himself in history. He’s this fresh new face that people are excited to see every time he shows his face. Tonight I got to go with Finn taking the win. He and his body paint are ready for the championship. Winner- Finn Balor

Darrius: Around 3 months ago, Finn Balor bursted on to the scene, making a huge splash in NXT. At the same time, Adrian Neville reigned supreme over NXT as it’s champion. Fast forward to now, Neville and Balor are now competing for the #1 contendership. I think Finn’s hot streak will continue. Winner- Finn Balor

Conor: Adrian Neville should not win this in any shape or form, let’s be honest he’s main roster bound, he’ll probably debut at mania in the battle royal. It’s Finn’s time, the future of the WWE, next NXT champion. His character and wrestling skills are on point, plus he’s easy on the eye. Winner- Finn Balor

Ada: I say Finn is going to win because Adrian’s already been champion and Finn is one of the fastest rising stars in NXT right now. Also, this could be a good opportunity to put Finn over as a future star by beating the longest reigning NXT champion and one of the best in the world. Winner- Finn Balor

Summary: Finn Balor- 5 | Adrian Neville- 0

Hideo Itami vs Tyler Breeze

Shirlz: This match is going to be the surprise of the night because I don’t think anyone will expect it to be up to par with the other matches on the card. I think both guys are great, but I’m going to go with my favourite gorgeous human being. His gorgeousness (both in looks and his wrestling ability) need to be appreciated more. Winner- Tyler Breeze

Bre: Oh Tyler, Tyler, Tyler. How I love Ya, but I feel this match will be more so to put Hideo over. The match will be better than the one that was on NXT (not saying that wasn’t great) but they’re both looking to be in that spot. Winner- Hideo Itami

Darrius: The Itami/Breeze match will be a chance for both Superstars to gain some spotlight. A win for Itami would allow him to prove he deserves to be put into the same sentences as Finn Balor, Adrian Neville, Kevin Owens, and Sami Zayn. A win for Breeze would allow him to be put back into the sentences with the previously mentioned men. Winner- Hideo Itami

Conor: I love the online Twitter fight between these two that pretty much setup the fight, I don’t love Itami, plain and simple, not a fan of his style, character or anything in the matter the only thing keeping my eyes peeled for the match is Tyler Breeze, one of the better characters on NXT. I hope this feud leads to a secondary NXT title because I don’t think Breeze will ever win the main one. Winner- No Contest

Ada: This one is a tough one but I have to say Hideo. I say Hideo because does anyone remember when Tyler won a match and behind him in the crowd was this figure? I do, and I have a strong belief that it’s Marcus Louis coming back for his revenge after Tyler humiliated him making him leave NXT. Winner- Hideo Itami

Summary: Hideo Itami- 3 | Tyler Breeze- 1 | No Contest- 1

Blake & Murphy vs Lucha Dragons (NXT Tag Team Championship

Shirlz: This one’s a no brainer- BaM have just won the tag title and I don’t (want to) see them lose it so soon. BaM will retain, but I’ll be very happy to see Vaudevillains gain some justice in this whole thing. Winners- BaM

Bre: Since BaM just won the titles I feel that they’ll win their match tonight. I also feel Kalisto will be called up to the main roster soon. WWE is really missing the great high flyer. Winners- BaM

Darrius: 2 weeks ago on NXT, we saw the young, upstart, and inexperienced team of Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy defeat the Lucha Dragons (Sin Cara and Kalisto). I see Kalisto coming up to the main roster soon, and there’s no reason for the new team to drop the straps. Winners­- Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy

Conor: #JusticeForTheVaudevillians Winners: Blake & Murphy

Ada: Unfortunately I think the Lucha Dragons time as champions are done. I don’t think they’re getting their titles back. Winners- BaM

Summary: BaM- 5 | Lucha Dragons- 0 | Justice for the Vaudevillains- 2

Baron Corbin vs Bull Dempsey (No Disqualification Match)

Shirlz: This one is the hardest to call for me honestly. Bull desperately needs a win over Baron, but Baron needs to keep his momentum going and needs revenge on Bull for costing him his match against Adrian Neville on NXT last week. I’m going to say that the match is going to get hijacked by Solomon Crowe at the end, but I’m going to go with a Baron win. Winner- Baron Corbin

Bre: LET’S GO BARON!! That is all. Winner- Baron Corbin

Darrius: We’ve seen Corbin/Dempsey twice now with the same result. I expect no difference at Arrival. Winner- Baron Corbin

Conor: I care and don’t care about this match if you get me, I think someone will interfere and that’s about it really. Bull annoys me to no end but he will win. Winner- Bull Dempsey

Ada: Definitely going with Baron here. Baron is just so powerful while Bull…tries too hard? I don’t know but I do know Baron is going to beat Bull in a matter of seconds. Winner- Baron Corbin

Summary: Baron Corbin- 4 | Bull Dempsey- 1 | Solomon Crowe debuts- 2