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Added 10th September 2014
#AskTheQueen Interview Recap
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Last night before the first NXT live event in Citrus Springs, Florida, Charlotte took the time to answer some questions from her fans. Here’s a full recap of the Q&A session:

@ShirlShocked: Who do you want to win the Fatal 4 Way at #NXTTakeover? Tyler Breeze
@aaronjaysfan: Who do you have this season winning the Super Bowl? (Carolina) Panthers!
@barrman: Will you ever be on raw or smackdown as a wwe diva? #AskTheQueen Yes and I will dominate!
@KDavivs: When will you have a t-shirt on wwe shop? coming soon to WWE Shop 🙂
@RollinsRising: What’s your favorite place to get food? Chipotle!!! And any sushi place!
@Connor4BnNBella: What Is Your Favourite Part Of Being A WWE Diva? The fans! Being able to motivate/inspire
@PunkandPaige: Your Thoughts On Becky Lynch? she’s tough but not #geneticallysuperior
@ChristineJeyar1: What are your hobbies? Women’s health & fitness! Cooking shows!
@sinrooney: Favorite Ric flair match? retirement match against HBK! Very emotional 🙂
@themib: Were you disappointed that you didn’t get to beat Paige for the title? She can’t hide forever!
@jaredleath93: Would you have a rematch with Natalya? YES!!! it will happen one day…
@mikepangburn22: What WWE Diva on the main roster would you like to face? Bring em all!!!
@CamjBen: Who would you like to face/team with past or present?” Sasha Banks my former #BFF
@iAmKelseyx: How would you describe yourself in only one word?! Royalty.
@GuapoSoTrill: Think you’ll be the divas champ this time next year? not think. I know I will be!
@mikepangburn22: What former WWE Diva would you like to face? Trish Stratus- fierce!
@Juli3brooks: Who’s the funniest at nxt? Enzo Amore SAWFT!!!!
@Le_Sian: What female, do you have the most respect for, in the wrestling industry? Stephanie McMahon Powerhouse
@TrashStratus: Do you think the BFFS will ever reunite? yeah. Against each other.
@wwe_divas123: I wanna be a diva when I get older ! Any advice ? believe in yourself 🙂 work hard 🙂
@lara_bannet: What do you usually do before you head to the ring ? pray to my little brother Reid in heaven.
@TobiasFiehler: Would u love to wrestle in germany? absolutely, would be honored to!
@j0rdss_: Who do you think is the best superstar/diva yet to debut in NXT? ME!
@GHC_Gaijin: How’s it to train w/Sara Del Rey? she’s the best… Makes u want to train harder everyday.
@TheNextBlGThing: How do you want to be remembered in WWE history? greatest WWE/NXT Diva of all time.
@MelissaH25: Favorite ice cream flavour? Ben and Jerry’s – Phish Food 🙂
@Connor4BnNBella: Do you have a check list ready for when you go up 2 the main roster? oh YES!!!
@SmithAnayo: Hey Charlotte your biggest fear? failing. Not an option.
@justbeinganicon: Thoughts on Trish stratus ? paved the way. Dominant woman.
@AmandaRaee_x3: Who besides your family is your biggest inspiration? my peers
@Taylor_rush17: How does it feel to have ric flair as your dad? indescribable
@FoxyLUFCBITW: do you get nervous before a match? if you’re not nervous, you’re in the wrong profession…
@sarayasjades: Do you find Simon Gotch manly in anyway!? love a man with a mustache
@GHC_Gaijin: Favorite TV-show? game of thrones & sons of anarchy
@dreamisallihave: Thoughts on Triple H? Someone I’ve looked up to since I was little
@BrockLesnar100: Would you like to wrestle Paige? any day, any time
@Eulonzo: What do you do before you head out the curtain? carrying on a legacy
@Zigglersgreater: Describe Bayley in 3 words? #AskTheQueen huggable, friendly, (runner-up)
@MickaRatedR: What is your favorite movie? Braveheart & Jurassic Park
@RandyAJpunk: Do you want to say anything to your fans? THANK U!! Always be the best version of yourself
@FHWCharlotte: What has made you such a QUEEN?? some things you’re just born with
@CharlotteSite: How do you deal with the pressure of being Ric Flair’s daughter? By being the best
@MickaRatedR: Do you think you will have your own T-Shirt on coming soon!!!!
@ThatAdamGuy65: What music do u like to listen to & which artists? guns & roses, mumford and sons, techno!!
@NaomiFHW: Would you like to face AJ Lee? crazy doesn’t scare me
@Rebelious_Hardy: Would you say there’s a bright future ahead for Bayley? Not at NXT Takeover
@thepete2011: Sell me on why you should be my fav wwe diva… I don’t need to sell anyone on anything
@punk_lakersx: Best advice your dad has given you? eat, train & be mentally tough
@Zendy222: Do you think Bayley has a chance to beat you at NXT Takeover 2? pssshtttt
@bootymcbuttbutt: Whats your go to karaoke song? Madonna like a prayer
@MattHeroWWE: Favorite thing growing up? Gymnastics
@BrieDivasChamp: Are you #TeamBrie or #TeamNikki? #TeamCharlotte
@ag67196358: If you weren’t a wwe diva what would you have been? health & fitness specialist
@SKunKYB3AR: Favorite toppings on pizza? Pineapple!
@BushmasterKyle: Who do you think will be the next divas champ?! ME!
@dreamisallihave: Are you best for business? clearly #GeneticallySuperior
@FHWCharlotte: What made you decide to conquer NXT??? it’s in my blood #destiny
@BrieDivasChamp: Have you ever been to the United Kingdom? Yes #fishandchips
@daniels9088: Just keep kicking ass and making the divas division great again 🙂 #geneticallysuperior thank you 🙂 #woooo!
@BrieDivasChamp: Who inspires you backstage? Sara Del Rey & Matt Wichlinski
@thegamebegins2: Favorite cookie with milk? S’mores