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Added 10th September 2014
Charlotte Discusses BFF Implosion
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WWE.Com have published an article where the former BFFs, Charlotte, Sasha Banks & Summer Rae, discuss why their friendship disintegrated.

NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte, Summer Rae and Sasha Banks have been making life miserable for the rest of the NXT Divas since they joined forces. Still, although the self-proclaimed BFFs took delight in antagonizing beauties like Paige and Emma, the mean girls’ burn book has been a little light on content since their foes made it to the main roster. It only made sense that the BFFs would set their sights on the biggest threats to their dominance — each other.

Charlotte defends her championship against Summer tonight on NXT, but the explosion of the Beautiful Fierce Females has been brewing since Summer Rae returned to NXT two months ago after a long absence, much to the surprise of Charlotte and Banks. Back after filming the hit reality show “Total Divas” and starring in “The Marine 4,” Summer received a less than warm welcome from her BFFs.

“I was very surprised at their reaction,” Summer explained to “All I did was make them the Superstars they are today. They should be thanking me. They should have thrown me a ‘welcome back’ party.”

While Summer thought she deserved bigger fanfare upon her return, Charlotte and Sasha Banks saw things quite differently.

“I felt like I was seeing a ghost,” Banks said. “Here was Summer, who left with empty promises and unfulfilled obligations to the group, and she expected me to accept her return as if nothing had happened?”

“It was like, ‘How dare you?’” Charlotte agreed. “A lot had changed since she’d been gone.”

That much was true. With Summer away, Charlotte and Sasha came into their own, with the second-generation Diva outlasting seven others in a tournament to crown a new NXT Women’s Champion. If anything, Summer’s absence had possibly been the best thing to happen to the other BFFs.

“Summer leaving allowed Sasha and I to show that we didn’t need her,” Charlotte said.

“Without Summer, we were forced to trust in ourselves and our instincts,” Sasha said.

While Charlotte and The Boss may have found confidence in Summer’s absence, Fandango’s former dance partner saw it as something else.

“Obviously, it’s jealousy,” Summer scoffed. “I’m off shooting ‘Total Divas’ and filming a WWE Studios movie. I’m in Hollywood on red carpets and they’re stuck at NXT. If I were them, I’d be envious of me too.”

The reunited BFFs could not stop bickering. The constant squabbling began to break down the once strong bond between Charlotte and Sasha Banks. The NXT Universe was stunned when the NXT Women’s Champion informed The Boss that their partnership was over.

“Summer coming back and the cattiness between the three of us made me realize that I wanted to be on my own,” Charlotte said.

“When you have three personalities all fighting for their moment in the spotlight, for their time to shine, a mutual truce will only last so long,” Banks explained.

Now that she’s on her own, The Boss is extra focused on achieving her goals, as evidenced by her dominant victory over Alexa Bliss last week.

“I’m going to the top of WWE and I’m taking down anyone who dares to stand in my way,” The Boss boasted. “I want the NXT Women’s Championship. I want the WWE Divas Title and I’m not stopping until I get them. You can take that to the bank!”

For now, though, the NXT Universe’s attention is turned toward the championship showdown between Summer Rae and Charlotte. As the person who recruited Charlotte into The BFFs, Summer is supremely confident that she’ll be leaving Full Sail University with the NXT Women’s Title.

“I know every single move Charlotte makes. I know what she’ll do before she even does it,” Summer bragged. “When it comes to me facing her for the title, it’s going to be so easy. She should just hand it over, don’t you think?”

After winning the title in an epic battle against Natalya that many are ranking among the best matches in all of WWE this year, the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair made it clear that she won’t be giving up her championship without a fight.

“There’s nothing anyone can do to take it from me,” she said.